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Conditional 3
Past Time Unreal




had = 'd

he'd ... she'd ... it'd

would have =

'd have

If I'd had time, I would have called her,
but I was busy yesterday.  I didn't have time to call.

If I`d been free, I would have gone with you to the movies,
but I had to work late yesterday.

If you hadn't called, I wouldn't have known about the meeting.
Thanks for calling and telling me about it.

Your friend wants to know why you didn't come to the party.
If I'd known about your party, I would have come.
If I'd felt better, I would have come,
but I was sick in bed.

It rained yesterday.
Your family picnic in the park was cancelled.
If it hadn't rained yesterday, we would have gone on a picnic.
If we'd gone on the picnic yesterday, we would have gotten wet.

You have just divorced your husband.
You complain to your mother about him.
How does your mother respond?
If you'd listened to me, you wouldn't have married him in the first place.

A customer called to complain.
What does your boss say to you after the customer has hung up?
We wouldn't have lost that customer if you had done your job right.
If the customer hadn't called to complain,
we never would have found out about the problem



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