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photo of Eva EastonI have a treat for you: an updated version of this 20-year-old site.

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Introduction: Tense vs. Time
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If I have time tomorrow, I will call you.
I promise.

If I am free tomorrow, we will go to the movies.
I promise
If you don't go to the doctor soon, the problem will get worse.
Okay, I'll go to the doctor tomorrow.


If I had time, I would call her,
but I don't have the time to talk right now
If I were free, I would go with you to the movies,
but I'm busy now. I have to work.
If I knew how to drive, I would buy a car.
I think I'll take driving lessons this summer.


If I had had time, I would have called her,
but I was busy yesterday. I didn't have time to call.

If I had been free, I would have gone with you to the movies,
but I had to work late yesterday.

If you had not called, I wouldn not have known about the meeting.
Thanks for calling and telling me about it.


Introduction: Tense vs. Time