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photo of Eva EastonThank you for visiting my 20-year-old site.

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You will learn the secret to sounding like an American ... Reduction and Linking. Every week, find a new "secret" of Authentic American Pronunciation.

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Teaching Pronunciation
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Why study pronunciation? antimoon
Teaching MIT Open Courseware / Isaiah WonHo Yoo
Teaching BBC
Teaching David F. Dalton
Teaching Using the Internet / Sharon Widmayer & Holly Gray
Teaching Marcus Otlowski
Teaching Sunburst Media
Teaching Dimitrios Thanasoulas
Teaching Gergana Vitanova & Ann Miller
Teaching Randall Rightmire
Teaching Barry Pennock Speck
Teaching Carol Rueckert
Lesson Plan leave a phone message
Syllabus Greg Kessler
Syllabus Carol Mawson
Common Mistakes by Language Background Ted Power


Testing Pronunciation

Testing /
Testing /


About Pronunciation

Listen to English
Audio Samples
Errors of Speakers of Other Languages Ted Power
Brazil Richard Schutz
China Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ.
China Mandarin / Mary Ansell

Phonemes William E. Rogers
Phonetics & Phonology Johanna E. Rubba
The Blending Slide Trish Uselman
The Great Vowel Shift Melinda Menzer
Heteronyms, Homographs, Homonyms, Homophones
Phonological Atlas of North America Univ. of Pennsylvania
Schwa in Phonological Theory Marc van Oostendorp
Voice Quality


Phonetic Alphabet / Transcription / Courses

Phonetics University College London
Phonetics Univ. of Lausanne, Switzerland
Phonetics Chinese-English / Karen Steffen Chung
Phonetics Peter Ladefoged
Phonetics audio / Univ. of Iowa
Phonetics audio /
Phonetic Symbols Lingolex
Phonetic Symbols on the computer / Karen's Linguistic Issues
Phonetics / Phonology introduction / Univ. of Texas
Pronunciation Symbols RP / World Wide Words
Pronouncing Dictionary North American English / CMU
IPA audio / antimoon
IPA Braille / Claude Chaunier
IPA International Phonetic Association
IPA French / Aris Xanthos
IPA fonts /SIL
SAMPA John Wells
SAMPA American English / John Wells


Pronunciation Activities

Train Your Accent Randall Davis
Alphabet audio / Eva Easton
Sounds of English Pronuncian
Sounds of English audio / Univ. of Iowa
Sounds of English Sharon Widmayer & Holly Gray
Sounds of English
Sounds of English GenkiEnglish / Richard Graham
Sounds of English Fun Easy English
Sounds of English American Accent Training
Consonant Sounds
Consonant Sounds word lists / ontrackreading
Vowel Sounds
Vowel Sounds audio
Stress Patterns Carl Storz
Stress Patterns Kathleen Hanson
Word Stress English Club
Word Final -ED
Word Final -S
Words with Silent Letters
Exercises Authentic American Pronunciation
Exercises English Pronunciation Podcast / Charles Becker
Exercises minimal pairs /
Exercises minimal pairs / Charles I. Kelly
Exercises eslcafe
Exercises Okanagan Univ.
Tip of the Day John Maidment
Tongue Twister: W audio
Tongue Twisters chants / EFL Playhouse
Tongue Twisters audio /
Tongue Twisters Michael Reck

More ... ?

Links George Dillon
Links Internet TESL Journal