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photo of Eva EastonI have a treat for you: an updated version of this 20-year-old site.

Video lessons & Audio quizzes

Audio Quizzes
Word Final -ED
Word Final -S
Wonder Words




Mrs. Bixby & the Colonel's Coat

Lamb to the Slaughter

Gift of the Magi
conditional 3 & review

Abraham Lincoln
word final -ed

Ant & the Grasshopper

The Bear & the Travelers
no audio

Chicken Little
vowel sound /I/

Echo & Narcissus


Emperor's New Clothes
/r/, /th/, cloth-clothes-clothing

Familiar Sayings
laugh, neighbor

For the Want of a Nail

Fox & the Grapes
word final -ed

Fuzzy Wuzzy
/w, z/

Hey Diddle Diddle
word final -ed

In Flanders Fields
Veteran's Day

Itsy-Bitsy Spider
silent b

Jack & Jill

Life is Fine
Type 3 Conditional

Little Orphan Annie

Little Red Hen


North Wind & the Sun
word final -ed

Old King Cole

The Queen of Hearts

The Raven

Rip Van Winkle
no audio yet

Solomon Grundy
word final -ed

Star Light, Star Bright
gh words

Stopping by the Woods
Robert Frost

The Story of Tantalus
word final -ed

This Little Piggy
vowel sound /I/

Tortoise & the Hare

The Tower of Babel
word final -ed

Try, Try Again
vowel sounds /I, iy/

A Visit from St. Nicholas
Clement Moore

The Wisdom of Solomon
Word Final -ed

Wise Old Owl

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck...?