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Word Final -ed = /t, d, Id/


The Story of Tantalus

Tantalus was a very wealthy Greek king.
He was a favorite nephew of the gods and was frequently invited to their feasts.
He was soon spoiled by their attention.
He began to lie and steal to get whatever he wanted.
He gave away the secrets of the gods to mortals (non-gods),
and even killed his own son.

The gods decided to punish Tantalus.

Tantalus was placed in the middle of a lake.
Whenever he was thirsty, he would bend his chin down to the water,
but the water pulled away from him. So Tantalus stayed thirsty.

Over his head hung branches of delicious fruit.
When he was hungry, he reached up to get the fruit,
but the branches pulled away from him. So, Tantalus remained hungry.

Word Origin

From the story of Tantalus, we get the word "to tantalize,"
meaning to torment or tease by keeping something within sight but out of reach.