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Consonant Sound
Voiceless /h/

Sound-Spelling Pattern

The sound /h/...
... is the air coming out of your mouth
... is always followed by a vowel sound
As you say /h/, your tongue & lips shape the vowel sound that follows.

  /h/   Silent h

hat hot hut
here hear
hide hid hidden
hold held

at beginning of a word

a few words
heir honest honor hour

silent w who whom whose unstressed h Oprah exhibition Graham
linking "him, her"
They called him.
They called her
    gh = /g/

a few words
Afghanistan aghast Ghana
gherkin ghetto ghost ghoul

    rh = /r/

a few words
rhetoric rheumatism rhino
Rhode Island rhubarb
rhythm rhyme

    th = /t/

a few words
Thai Thames
Thomas Theresa

  Homophones   Homophones