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photo of Eva EastonThank you for visiting my 20-year-old site.

I have a treat for you:
an updated version of this 20-year-old lesson about GH words

It's at my new site,
includes a video lesson,
AND ... a brand new quiz.

I'm taking you there now...


Words with Silent Letters

GH Words


Written "gh" has no sound of its own.
It's never pronounced as it's written, ie. /gh/

The gh is beginning to disappear in some written words,
with the new spelling reflecting the pronunciation of the word.


gh = /g/ a few words
Afghanistan aghast Ghana
gherkin ghost ghoul
ghetto spaghetti
/ɔf/ cough trough
/ʌf/ rough tough
enough slough off
/əp/ hiccough
/æf/ laugh draught draft
/ɔ/ +
silent gh

daughter slaughter
fraught ought to
haughty naughty

past tense verbs
catch caught ... teach taught
buy bought ... bring brought
fight fought ... seek sought
think thought

/ay/ +
silent gh

bright light night
sigh sight
high height

/ey/ +
silent gh
neighbor sleigh
weigh weight
/ow/ +
silent gh
dough doughnut donut
borough boro thorough
/uw/ +
silent gh
/aw/ +
silent gh
bough plough plow