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Consonant Sound Pair
Voiceless /s/ & Voiced /z/

Sound-Spelling Pattern

  /s/   /z/
s sun son stop z zoo
    s a few common words
is as
does was says
his hers
desert desert
ss grass lesson ss

a few words
scissors dessert

desert, dessert, to desert
on YouTube

    zz buzz
-se nouns, adj., adv.
house n.
excuse n.
close adj. adv.
loose adj.
use n.

to house
to excuse
to close
to lose
to use

a few common words
these those
whose because

c +
(s)ce once
(s)ci scissors
c-ce /ks/ accent
c-ci /ks/ vaccine
cy icy cynic
-ism patriotism baptism
x = /ks/ six box relax    
(e)x + VL = /ks/ expect extra (e)x + VD = /gz/ example exist
tz, zz = /ts/ a few foreign words
pizza pretzel waltz
  Word Final S   Word Final Z
  Silent S    
  Homophones   Homophones