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photo of Eva EastonI have a treat for you: an updated version of this 20-year-old site.

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Phone Messages

Leaving a Phone Message


Click on each sentence to hear audio.

Make the job of the listener easy.

1. Introduce yourself.
Spell your name.
Give your telephone number.
Hello, this is Alexandra Umrichin.
. [audio for alphabet]
My number is 819-752-9634
2. Give
a) the time of day
b) your reason for calling.
It's Monday, 3 pm, and I'm calling about the job opening in your department.  I'd like to arrange an interview.
3. Make a request
What do you want
the other person to do?
Can you call me back at your earliest convenience.
4. Repeat your
phone number.
Speak slowly and clearly.
My number is 819-752-9634
5. End the message. I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you very much.