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Consonant Sound Pair
Voiceless /k/ & Voiced /g/

Sound-Spelling Pattern

  /k/   /g/
k kiss
g grow grew grown
give gave given
c cook gg egg
ck clock gu guitar guard guide

cc +
a o u = /k/

+ e i = /ks/

+ a occasion
+ o account
+ u accuse

+ e accent
+ i accident

gue guess argue
Greek origin



Italian origin

aghast gherkin
ghost ghoul

ghetto spaghetti

qu = /k/

conquer mosque

qu = /kw/ quit quite quiet
liquid squeeze
x = /ks/ VL sound
next sixty relax
x = /gz/ VD sound
example exist
  Homophones   Homophones
  Silent k   Silent g