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make do
= to create
something that didn't exist
comes into being
= to perform
make breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert
make a telephone call
make a fuss, a scene
make a mess
make noise, a sound
make an appointment
make an asssumption
make an attempt
make changes
make a choice
make a comparison
make a complaint
make a decision
make a demand
make a difference
make an effort
make an exception
make an excuse
make friends
make fun of someone
make a judgment
make a law
make a mistake
make an offer
make plans
make progress
make a promise
make a request
make a speech
make a suggestion
make time
make a will
make love
make peace
make war
make ends meet
make a contribution
make money
make a profit
make payments
make the best of it, make the most of it
What do you do? I'm a teacher.
Do your work.  Do your job.
That's a job well-done.
We do business with that company.
do homework
do an exercise
do housework
do the dishes
do laundry
do the cooking
do the shopping
do your makeup
do your hair
do exercises
do me a favor
do your duty
do me the honor (of)
do your part
do your share
do an experiment
do a mile in four minutes
That does the trick.
do a crime
do damage
do drugs
do evil
do harm
do 10 years
do right, do wrong
do good, do bad
do your best
= to force; to cause = auxiliary verb
I like to make Mama happy.
Make the student do his work.
Make her promise to help.
Make them sit down.
That makes sense.
He made it clear, plain.
He made it known.
That makes my day.
We made good on our promise.
Practice makes perfect.
Do you have any children?
Yes, I do.  No, I don't.
Did you do the shopping?
Yes, I did.  No, I didn't.
They did the shopping, didn't they?
two meanings = to manage
A carpenter makes (creates) a bed out of wood.
We make our bed every morning when we arrange the covers.
Will this book do? = Can you manage with this book?
It will have to do.= I have no better alternative.
= to reach  
to make it in time
We made it to New York in just under four hours.
He made colonel.
She made the team.
She will make a fine doctor.
Two and two makes four.
We will make do with what we have. = We will reach our goal even if we don't have everything we would like to have.
I'm going to fix lunch. = I'm going to make a sandwich for lunch. Let's do lunch. = Let's have lunch together.